Scouts Club

We as the scouts of Machakos Academy greatly acknowledge the presence of all scouts nationwide to the service offered to the nation as our presence is widely recognized and appreciated. The scouts are involved in outdoor activities which promote us like hives which strengthen us and encourage us not forgetting comps where we meet with other scouts all over the world and learn moral values. We also interact and share social values where we involve ourselves with various activities.

In camps we are encouraged to be ready to serve the nation no matter what happens as we should act with equality to all. The scouts have contributed greatly to the nation as they promote peace, love and unity as we interact together and share views. Scouts learn to be morally as we have some principles that guide us to serve our nation kindly and truthful such as,

  • Respect
  • Obedience
  • God-fearing

We therefore encourage others to be part of scouts because one gets to know the need and importance to help others. We therefore appreciate the Administration for the support it has given us the scouts of Machakos Academy and the entire fraternity of the school for the financial support and moral. As the scouts law No. 6 and 10 goes, A scout learns about nature and is concerned with his/her environment and  a scout is clean in appearance, thought, words and deeds.

Scouts promise

On my honor I promise that I will do my best to do my duty to god and to my country to help others people at all times and to obey the scout’s law.

Scouts Motto

Look wide be prepared.